9 Health Secrets Doctors Never Tell

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Health Secrets Doctors Don’t Tell or Don’t Know

We have a serious health problem growing in the USA. Surprisingly too many people grow up with little real knowledge about maintaining and protecting their own health.

The problem is getting worse, not better and it is the root problem under the big news about ObamaCare and attempts to reform the current health insurance system in America.

The best solution is the one NOT in the news. How to maintain and protect your own health. Put another way, if you don’t get sick, you do not need a doctor. So, don’t get sick.

If you don’t get sick, you do not need a doctor

So, that is the real point of this article, how to avoid 90% of the countless reasons people get sick in the first place. Do that, and you will not be planning your retirement a block from an emergency care facility. Simple really.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Before you read any further. Please make note of the fact that I am NOT a doctor of anything. I cannot and do not offer you any sort of medical advice here. In fact, if anything this is advice from a real quack… because I can, and I do quack like a duck, often just for the fun of it. So nothing I say here should keep you from consulting a doctor with real letters after his name.


Why Doctors Don’t Tell

So, why don’t doctors tell you how to stay healthy? Well… actually they often do… so let me rephrase the question:

“Why don’t doctors tell you the right way?

Unfortunately, many do not know. They are over-educated in the pharma way to health.

Remember, I am not calling doctors stupid, rather they are often under-educated in true natural health. It’s not really their fault, it’s who’s teaching them and why that points to the real problem.

Look at the colleges’ medical doctors get degrees from, those colleges get millions upon millions from pharma companies, medical machine makers (they give colleges free machines), etc. They do this in exchange for some control over what is taught to your medical doctor.

Okay, I said enough about the problem and I do not plan to delve deeper into any conspiracy theories, etc.

What I have said is enough to stand alone on pure greed, I give a college an expensive cat-scan machine and expect them to use it to teach.

That is what they know, that is what you can expect from the medical community.


Learn a Better Way Here

The reason you are here is to learn a better way to stay healthy. One not taught to doctors, and maybe it is a secret to many doctors, gosh I hope not.

Think I am crazy, pay close attention to the next 10 doctors you meet.

Look close, ask questions and decide for yourself, how healthy are they… above average for their age? Or normal?

It’s a great place to start, then look at their wife and kids, the secretary and any nurses or others in their employ.

They all look like 20 yrs of age and are over 50… you’re in great hands. read no further.

For the rest of you…

Let’s get down to the promise my title made.

9 Secrets to Health

1 – Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
2 – Nutritional Yeast
3 – Liquid Aminos
4 – Trace Minerals
5 – Spirulina
6 – Cayenne Pepper
7 – Natural Salt
8 – Natural Sugar
9 – Colloidal Silver

Bonus Secrets

10 – Organic Foods
11 – Quality Filtered Water (a Gallon a Day)
12 – Great Sleep, and rest at the right time(s)
13 – Cut your Dairy by 75%
14 – Cut eating out and prepared foods by 50%
15 – Refuse stress, master relaxation, and focus
16 – Play at least 10% of every day
17 – Cut your meat consumption
18 – Use the Food List
19 – Make exercise part of your routine
20 – Prebiotics & Probiotics | Natural Digestion

** More details on each below

Oops Too Many Secrets

Okay, so I went over with a few extra secrets…

The worst part, your doctor probably knows some or all of these secrets.

In any event, get the first 9 right, and in most cases, you will add 10 years to your life. Likewise, master the first 12 and you’ll add 20 years to your life.

Of course, those that master all 20, can generally expect to live beyond a 100 years of age. **

Number 15 is extremely important because every hour of stress can burn 30 hours of important resources from your body resulting in premature grey hair and other aging factors. Stress kills faster than anything.

Examples: 3 years of stress and take 90 years off your life expectancy. Who wants that?

** To be accurate this estimate (for additional years) must be adjusted. Figure that if you mastered all 16 secrets you would move forward with life from your current age. If your already 50 and failed more than 50% of the secrets for 50 years, instantly abiding all the secrets is not going to guarantee fixing the damage already done in time to extend your life beyond a 100.

A better way to look at is that you already suffered 3 years of stress, so you already cost yourself 90 years of healthy living. Now instantly changing your plan at 50, you need to double down on some things like exercise to make up for the bad years.

If it matters, and you must calculate, you can do the math, start at a 100-year life expectancy, subtract the bad years of stress and poor eating, then add the good years/days at 2x.

Now assume you are going to do it right the rest of your days and take your remaining days time 3x. The balance is what you can expect to accomplish. It’s all about you, and only you can do the math that best fits with your life.



About Excercise

Another bonus tip. If you get all of the rest here, there’s a chance you can go without good regular exercise and still live a long healthy life. But, our bodies were not designed to watch TV, or lay around all day. You need only watch a professional runner or swimmer to see the beauty and perfection that such things bring to the body.

But, what kind of exercise do we need? Do you really need to train for the Olympics? I think not.

Look at it this way, say you were working on a farm, growing your own food, tending to the large garden, cutting your own firewood, tilling your fields, building stuff, fixing stuff like your tractor, etc.

Is this list is a lot of exercises, you can see that right? No need for this guy to go for a run, do situps, etc. At the end of the day, he has exercised every part of his body just doing his daily routine.

But, how about your routine? Did you sit for hours to work? Do you sit for hours watching TV? Do you sit and drive an hour back and forth to work?

So, I am not going to sell you a workout routine. I am going to tell you the obvious… if your not a farmer, or otherwise moving all day long like the farmer. Then you MUST augment your routine to include more activities that stretch and twist, and work every part of your body.

You can choose to augment your routine in any number of ways. Go ahead and follow some workout guide if you like. But for me, the better plan is to get out and do things that make me use my body in natural ways. Even just a great hike is good.


Bonuses To Natural Ways

Continuing from the need for exercise and doing it in natural ways. I want to stress that when you choose to hike, jog, walk and run. These activities, in particular, have another important effect. Your getting better air in your lungs, and more of it than when you sit.

The Eyes have it

Likewise, you need to protect your eyes so they do not degenerate. The key I found in every non-medical book on the topic, use your eyes, exercise them.

So, when your outside doing the fresh air thing, you also need to look around you and inspect your environment.

Pick a flower and inspect a blade of grass. Try hard to look far into the distance and figure out what you are seeing. Read every sign from as far away as you can. Read the labels on shoes, and read every t-shirt from a distance.

All of these things exercise the eyes and lessen the chances of vision problems. In fact, for many, they have reversed eye degeneration with these tricks.


The Finder Points

In the tabs below, I offer more details about each of my recommendations. As always, do your own research, as I am not able to offer you any medical advice, I don’t even have a stethoscope handy.

1 – Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
2 – Nutritional Yeast
3 – Liquid Aminos
4 – Trace Minerals
5 – Spirulina
6 – Cayenne Pepper
7 – Natural Salt
8 – Natural Sugar
9 – Collodial Silver
10 – Organic Foods
11 – Quality Filtered Water (a Gallon a Day)
12 – Great Sleep, and rest
13 – Cut your Dairy by 75%
14 – Cut eating out and prepared foods by 50%
15 – Refuse stress, master relaxation and focus
16 – Play at least 10% of every day
17 – Cut all meats and reduce fish in your diet.
19 – Your Exercise Routine
20 – Prebiotics & Probiotics | Natural Digestion


My Story

I was lucky growing up in a farming and gardening family we ate mostly very fresh quality (pre-organic) foods. Grandma raised the chickens and fed them good fresh organic greens, likewise the Turkey, the Cow, etc.

We had the best of everything in those days.

  • Even better, my grandfather was a health nut and insisted we open a health food store and natural bakery when I was 15, so we did in Sacramento, CA;
  • From there I married a vegetarian, whose father was a very good doctor. So we had tons of great health information between us to start;
  • Add that I consulted dozens of natural Doctors and Chiropractors, and cataloged their best advice.

So, thankfully I got a very early start on great health, and at 58 I forget I am not 30, I feel like I am in my prime, and I see no decline coming.

So the things I share here in this article are real, what I have lived, and from my heart to yours.

There is no cost, no puff for selling you anything. Even the products I mention are not mine, and unlike others, I make no commissions convincing you to buy them.

Best wishes with your journey, and thanks for reading.

Accept all blessings, be excellent to everyone, work hard, live long, prosper, and party often.

Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret.


“Each of us is a unique strand in the fabric of this reality. The small efforts we make each day, helping each other. Is the foundation for our mutual success, thereby completing the ‘Circle of Life’.” ~Ambassador Rodgers






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