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This section of materials is not offered as advice from a health professional. There is no M.D. or N.P or other letters of education behind any of what you will find here. That said, you may see materials that offer both positive or negative reviews by professionals. Always do your own research.


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    The Most Amazing Machine

    Natural Law The natural laws of health and how things work are more important than most doctors will preach. Unfortunately, many if not most doctors show little faith in the healing powers of the body and mind. They tend to trust machines and drugs more …

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    Ultra Food List

    Just Eat the Right Stuff Okay, so you want to eat better, but you hate diets. So, how about focusing on better food? The following is not about so many things you can’t do because it’s bad for weight or this or that. This is …

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    Ultra Chakra | Healing Music

    A collection of 17 easy listening songs to heal you. Balanced Chakras will put your body in the most receptive mode for healing. Your properly tuned body can heal itself of anything. Just set up a portable MP3 player or put this on your phone and use …

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    Detox | Easy as 1-2-3

    Do you want to detox gracefully? Great, I think we can help. What you will find here does not come from a doctor of medicine. Rather, this is from real life experience, some experimentation, and insights from various knowledgeable people. ~Remember, do your own research. …

  • Lungs

    How to detoxify your Lungs

    The lungs can be toxic and polluted by breathing in polluted air such as factory smog, car exhaust, chemical elements, pollen and other fumes. It can also become polluted by eating the wrong foods, as we now know, our foods are filled with chemicals that are …

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    9 Health Secrets Doctors Never Tell

    Health Secrets Doctors Don’t Tell or Don’t Know We have a serious health problem growing in the USA. Surprisingly too many people grow up with little real knowledge about maintaining and protecting their own health. The problem is getting worse, not better and it is …

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    RV Gardening

    Grow a Garden while Fulltime RVing It is possible to maintain fresh veggies, from your own garden, even while RVing fulltime. I’ve grown sprouts for a long time doing it many different ways and in many different climates. So I am still learning the do’s …

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The Point of this Information

What you will find here is a collection of materials, ideas, etc. that is the result of extensive research, experimentation, and direct interviews of both professionals with letters after their names, and others just the living proof of their own experimentation.

The idea here is to provide a compendium of great ideas on health.

  • If you like something, then use it.
  • If you do not like something, ignore it.
  • Always do your own research.

If you post a comment, please be very clear if something is “in your humble opinion” (IMHO) or a “scientific fact” (FACT) with 3 or more white papers, or credible comments from people with letters behind their name.

We are always researching and sharing what we learn. If you know something important on a subject we cover, please do advise us of any mistakes so we can correct our research materials published here.