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This section of materials is not offered as advice from a health professional. There is no M.D. or N.P or other letters of education behind any of what you will find here. That said, you may see materials that offer both positive or negative reviews by professionals. Always do your own research.


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    Roundup Your Health

    Editorial Note: This material is biased… we are decided on this topic. We will not use it, touch it, breath it, or be anywhere close to it. This page presented to make the truth easier to share. . The Great American Lie Monsanto invented the herbicide glyphosate …

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The Point of this Information

What you will find here is a collection of materials, ideas, etc. that is the result of extensive research, experimentation, and direct interviews of both professionals with letters after their names, and others just the living proof of their own experimentation.

The idea here is to provide a compendium of great ideas on health.

  • If you like something, then use it.
  • If you do not like something, ignore it.
  • Always do your own research.

If you post a comment, please be very clear if something is “in your humble opinion” (IMHO) or a “scientific fact” (FACT) with 3 or more white papers, or credible comments from people with letters behind their name.

We are always researching and sharing what we learn. If you know something important on a subject we cover, please do advise us of any mistakes so we can correct our research materials published here.