Straighten a Bent Bicycle Wheel


How to Save your Wheel

Just because your bicycle wheel is warped/bent, does NOT mean it’s toast. Even when you hear this: “…I recently bent my back wheel and when I took it to the shop for repair the guy told me it wasn’t fixable.”

Let’s just say, don’t be to quick to trash the wheel…!

We researched the topic because we had a wheel that needed repair, so what we find out is that first you need to determine why your wheel seems damaged.


So How Bad Does it Look?

A visual inspection will do, so what is the general condition:

Slight Wobble
Brake Drag: Slight
Brake Drag: Serious
Oval Wheel Syndrome
Severely Bent

Often, the fix is simple adjustment of the spokes. Sometimes it’s cheaper to replace the rim/ spokes then it is to replace the whole wheel.

What Happened?

Another important factor is knowing what damaged your wheel. If you or a friend did the deed, then you know what happened. In our case, we purchased a used bike with a bent wheel. Who knows what happened.

Minor Accident
Definitely Hit Something Hard
Major Crash
Flying Leap and Mangled

Again, the damage can be obvious or not visually. But “Mangled” will generally mean “toast”, dead, junk, sorry buddy, no hope. Other damage may well be repairable. So let’s see what we can do about your issue.


Quick & Dirty Fix

First up, the following video is offered because you should understand just how fast and easy a fix could be. We’re not saying this is the best, or correct for your issue, but let’s deal with the fear factor, and just go quick and dirty fix…


What a Pro Fix Looks Like

Here we have the DIY instructions from a PRO. This takes a bit more time to do, but if your wheel needs more of a fine adjustment, then this is where you want to go…


Issues and Fixes

So, what follows next is a collection of known issues and suggestions from a variety of novice and experts alike.


Truing a Bent Bicycle Wheel


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