Ultra Food List

Just Eat the Right Stuff

Okay, so you want to eat better, but you hate diets.

So, how about focusing on better food? The following is not about so many things you can’t do because it’s bad for weight or this or that. This is about feeding the frequencies that make up the cells that make your body. Feed them right and let the body do the job it was made for.

We challenge you to try the following list for 30 days. If you do not feel better, we will not pay you a million dollars. But, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, oops, actually fail to eat right and lose your life too soon.


Our Free Healthy Living Food List

Download a Free Copy, choose:  High-Quality / Standard

Download a Free Copy, choose:  High-Quality / Standard


A Personal Note

This food list and the concepts surrounding it were created 18 years ago. During this past 18 years, we have been using this as the basis for our food choices. I can truthfully say that my wife and I do not feel older, we feel younger. We have experienced between us perhaps 4 common colds and one flu over these years. In all, we have enjoyed a premium quality of life, we believe is in part due to the food choices on this list.

So we encourage you to download the FREE high-quality version, print, and laminate for your refrigerator door or inside a cupboard. Keep a copy on your phone to use when you shop.

You will not regret this simple healthy living concept…

~ Best Wishes, Dustin and Marileen

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