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Remote-100sXantrex Freedom Basic Remote

Take the guesswork out of understanding your Freedom 458, Freedom Marine and Freedom Combo inverter/chargers.

Freedom Remote conveniently controls the functions and setup of your inverter/charger. Provides Valuable Inverter/Charger System Monitoring and Control.

The Freedom Remote Control Panel (part#84-2056-01) allows you to control your Freedom Combo, Freedom 458 and Freedom Marine Series Inverter/Charger system from any convenient location.

It is easy to read, operate and install, and all controls can be accessed directly from the front panel.

Full Manual: click here


Independent invert and charge on/off controls; Push button control of power sharing, equalizing, battery set-up; Multi-colored LED displays battery state of charge, fault conditions, AC input, DC voltage and DC amperage; LED warning indictors for low battery and overload warning; Splash resistant design Incoming AC breaker selection allows programmable power sharing; One year warranty.


Model:  84-2056-01: 12 V Control Panel
Size:    4.7/8” (W) X 2 7/8” (H)
Temp:   0-70 °C
Power:  Supplied by Inverter/Charger.

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NOTE: For error conditions not shown above, disconnect Freedom Remote Control Panel for 30 seconds, verify that phone cable is plugged in at remote and inverter/charger and verify that batteries are above 10 VDC. If condition presists, disconnect incoming AC power from inverter/charger and remove positive battery lead for 30 seconds.Teen Titans: The Judas Contract film download

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