The Most Amazing Machine

Natural Law

The natural laws of health and how things work are more important than most doctors will preach.

Unfortunately, many if not most doctors show little faith in the healing powers of the body and mind. They tend to trust machines and drugs more than our amazing bodies.

Your probably not a doctor any more than I am.

So if we assume you are not knowledgeable about everything that will make your body work or fail.

For example, you cannot name more than 50 of the thousands of parts of your body. (Don’t worry, I can’t either). Then you need to at least understand the basic logic of nature so that you have a base point to judge potential health secrets and natural cures by.


The Most Amazing Machine

There are so many parts of your body that work correctly and harmoniously allowing you to sing, dance and be merry. Its a fantastic work of art and a miracle of God-Class programming. It truly is the most impressive machine known to man, and we did not make it, and we cannot duplicate its masterpiece, we can only replicate (clone), and tinker with the most amazing machines ever created, the human body.

Relax, I am not a religious man in the way you know that designation. There will be no preaching here. But, I do have a direct faith and connection with my Creator. I take no mans word for who, what, or where God (ie; the “Creator” of all things) may be playing Golf.

However, I cannot ignore His hand in the things nature and my own my life has shown me. So take any reference for now to mean respect, but without a single thread of linkage to any religion. Cool?

Okay, that said, the Big Dude in the Sky, the “Creator”, is seriously smart. He built this awesome machine, and the only flaw is the free choice it comes with. Which of course allows the user to screw it up.

As you get older, you have become aware of what happens when you messed it up in younger years. It is nothing more than that. In short, the Creator is all knowing, so he knew you might make that choice. The Creator, therefore, planned ahead and preinstalled hundreds of special Apps into your multi-redundant body systems, so that when you decide to use them, you can fix anything.

Simple really, but if you don’t get this, then you might turn to doctors, who are actually practicing on you with their inquisition style chambers of horror and a collection of devices and tools that add the fear and pain.


You Are the Cure

So get this straight… the cure is within you. It is not really out there in the world, it is within you. It was always there, just like Cancer and many other poisons and diseases are always there in our bodies.

The question is, did you use the App to fix that, or is it still waiting for install or setup? Because in the end, programming alone, will fix anything in the machine that is not 100% a matter of construction or lack of required materials problems. 

Put another way, if you are NOT actually missing parts (handicapped) or suffering from damaged genetics. The problem is going to be very simple to fix, because now it is just programming and fuel. Yes, fuel is important (what you intake, eat drink, smoke, rub on your skin, etc.)

It gets better… If you totally mess it up and break a bone, it can be repaired, it’s almost automatic in fact, most times bones are just set and put in a cast to heal. Likewise, with skin, it heals without much thought, but do it wrong and it leaves a scar. Do it right and no scar. Even stuff under the skin, organs, tissue, blood and it’s plumbing, all easy to repair.

Better, regardless what you do, the body is programmed to REPLACE ALL OF THE CELLS* in your body approximately every 40 days. How cool is that? The Creator is a smart Dude, don’t forget that. (*bones may take longer)

So what happens on the physical level is your blood, the cleaning and feeding solution that carries to every part of your body flowing through a special part of the brain. We will call this the replicator. Like a photocopy machine, it’s job is to make a fresh copy of every cell in your body as it passes a test for quality.

If a cell is bad, it is discarded, and DNA provides a blueprint to replace the bad cell. It is brilliant really! Given perfect operation, this means we have no limit to our body lifespan.

So, the thing that goes wrong is this replicator gets messed up, and it is unable to identify some cells accurately, and reproduces a bad one, then two, and finally a body full of bad cells are just being replicated.

Now assuming it is working correctly, or not, the replication or replacement process both require the correct ingredients to be manufactured.

This is where crap in becomes crap out.

Put another way, give your body the right fuel, and a perfectly working replicator will replace cells correctly, and attempt to replace your entire body back to perfection every 40 days.

Whala… why are you sick? — either the wrong fuel or a broken replicator. 

You now know more about health than any 99% of this planet.


The Bigger Picture

You see, to make sense of all this, you MUST accept that the Creator gave you this incredible machine with the intent of eternal life. He is not really promising any trade-in value.

So the best plan is good maintenance. But if you mess up, and He knows many will. He built in the solution to fix any problem. A simple replicator, and a tummy that will process a variety of fuels into the perfect building blocks.

The downside of this is that when the replicator is broken, it must be the first focus, else the problem will grow as bad cells will be reproduced at an alarming rate. It is in fact compounding.

Think hey, you are about 160 pounds, then your replicator is replacing about 5lbs a day of your body (good eating is about the fuel your body needs to do this). So in as little as 6 months, a small problem in your pinkie, could become a systems-wide issue for the bulk of a 160lb body.

So, when they say you are what you eat, it’s true, you could look at it this way, how much do you eat in a day? Times 40 days, whatever that food was, is what you are made of in a month and a half.

While this can easily mean you killed yourself off. It can also mean that you replace 160lbs of cells built from crap, with 160 lbs built from only the very best.

Now, if the replicator is broken, it will also require repair, fortunately, it is also self-replacing.

Oops, here we are with another paradox if the replicator replaces itself using poor quality materials. Then it’s performance will be less than perfect.

So, this the Creator also considered. 

As you feed your body better fuel, the action of your mental capacity also being positive, the body being so integrated, the replicator will repair itself as well by comparing its own cells to the DNA as well. But the foggy copier lens must be kept very clean during this stage. 


The DETOX factor…
Why does it help?
How does it change things? 

Okay, so you’re going to give the body better fuel, and exercise, yadda, but the years of low-quality fuel has caused a build-up of scum on the walls of your blood vessels and collected other places throughout your body. So without some focus, this is another factor in the equation.

First, the constricted blood vessels do not allow enough oxygen to reach every tissue in the amounts required.

DETOX is a cleaning process. So it is about getting out everything that collected in the tissue throughout your body during your lifetime. 

So, now that we have that clear… DETOX is something that can be done many ways. Some pleasant some very uncomfortable or even painful.

Fortunately, the Creator took care of all this too. He provided us with easy, painless solutions. We need only avail ourselves of them. That said, we have published a simple but extremely powerful DETOX formula to follow (click here)


A Different Way of Thinking

So what do we have now? The perfect machine, the perfect replication plan, the ability to self-repair anything damaged and even replace every part of the body if required. But we also have defined a way of thinking about how it got messed up and how to get back on track.

It’s probably going to take a combination of things to get you back on track, because in your system is probably broken at this point, and has not had good fuel for too long. So even the replicator is malfunctioning and requires replacement.

In short, you crashed the train. So we have some major repairs to deal with.

Start with a detox diet, and improve the fuel just to get started.

But it will likely take you more than 40 days because you broke the replicator. So, again… good fuel, rest, exercise and time = health through replication.

But, remember, depending on your current condition, you may require 100% replacement after years of damages from poor fuel, too little exercise and living like a party animal perhaps.

So, you can probably expect that detox will speed the process by years because it would otherwise take years to get past the gunk built up in your system otherwise.

You can expect the better fuel to work instantly with greater energy within the first 40 to 80 days 1-2 cycles. 

But, during that time, the replicator is likely still malfunctioning and must self-replace, not replicate, so add another 2 cycles say 80 days, and that’s working. Now, this puts you 6 months out all things perfect, before your replicator is replacing correctly, so now add say 2-4 cycles to work out kinks and replace everything back to DNA standards.

So, this comes to say 4-6 cycles at 40 days per cycles total 160 to 365 days to become a new person. Very likely free of any issues. Not bad really, we’re talking 6-9-12 months to great health, assuming you take things very seriously and stay on the path every day.

Okay, mahalo (thank you) for reading this primer to good health.

Now I highly recommend you look at the Detox Diet and my proactive primer for healthy eating every day see: 9 Health Secrets Doctors Never Tell

Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret.

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