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Antennas 101

In simple terms, antennas convert electric power into radio waves, and vice versa. Various types of antenna are used daily for radio and TV broadcasting, 2-way radio, cell phones, satellite communications, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, wireless computer networks, and much more.


Size is Relative

Antennas can be any size, to accommodate devices from cell phones to satellite TV, and may transmit and/or receive radio waves via high gain directional antennas, omni-directional or even antenna arrays.

Antenna configurations may also include parabolic reflectors to concentrate the radio waves into a desired beam or pattern, as well as powered boosters to increase the working signal strength.

The Right Antenna

Your choice of antenna is based on the the of connection you choose to make. Naturally, satellite TV or Internet will require the use of a satellite dish, where cell phones and Free WIFI will require different antenna solutions.

In this section we will discuss the options and our recommendations for each type of antenna.

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