Detox | Easy as 1-2-3

Do you want to detox gracefully?

Great, I think we can help. What you will find here does not come from a doctor of medicine. Rather, this is from real life experience, some experimentation, and insights from various knowledgeable people. ~Remember, do your own research.

So let’s get you started on a safe and reliable diet solution.


An Overview

This diet is not about starving you, it’s more about eliminating things that do not help you.

So, here’s the tuff part.

• You must try hard not eat anything cooked.
• You must eat only raw for the first two weeks.

What we want to do is get you on a fast track, yet give you something that does not stress your mind or comfort.

Start with this thought, your going stay to a simple salad like diet for 2-4 days max. Then introduce 1-3 items each day until your completely comfortable with a concept that is basically just raw for a while.

So, the salad part is a little different than the salads you may be familiar with. In this case, your going to start with mostly sprouts. Adding only a couple of items to start, more as we go. 

The point or the goal is first the raw, but also very easy digestion, we want it to digest and produce as little waste as possible The body should be able to digest and absorb as much as possible so there is very little waste. Higher quality foods are more fully digested and absorbed into your body.

Again the goal is to not eat any more than you need to be satisfied.

Likewise, eating like a bird is good in this case. So think smaller amounts every 2.5 to 3 hours apart. This gives the body time to process the last meal, before the next. So this way you can keep from feeling hungry and still not tax your body because everything is raw and very easy to digest. 

** Remember a bite or two of Pineapple and/or Papaya with any meal, will help digestion tremendously.

The Actual Diet

DAY | 1-3
DAY | 4-14
DAY | 15-30


Tips & Recipes

TIP | Make it Sweet
DRINK | Fruit Juice / Smoothie
DRINK |Herbal Tea
RECIPE | The Hot Shot
RECIPE |Tofu Special

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