Internet Access

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    RV Internet | Getting Started

    Taking the Internet With You Before you hit the road these days, one of the bigger concerns you may have is getting a good signal and using the Internet while you travel. Once you roll out you can’t use DSL and other wired solutions. Your …

  • Featured WIFI

    Antennas – Retail

    Antennas 101 In simple terms, antennas convert electric power into radio waves, and vice versa. Various types of antenna are used daily for radio and TV broadcasting, 2-way radio, cell phones, satellite communications, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, wireless computer networks, and much more.   Size is Relative …

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    Antenna – DIY

    Naturally you can buy inexpensive antennas like the Cantenna WIFI antenna shown at the right. . But, you can…. Just Build Your Own For those with just a bit of technical skills or just the confidence to experiment a bit, it’s not hard to build antennas for common applications …

  • RG6 Feature

    Signal Loss Calculator

    Do you want exact figures on your signal loss? While professional grade 4 layer shielded RG6 Coax cable is an excellent choice for quality and fidelity. As your line distance increases or decreases, your options change. Save time and use this convenient SIGNAL LOSS CALCULATOR.