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Grow a Garden while Fulltime RVing

It is possible to maintain fresh veggies, from your own garden, even while RVing fulltime.

I’ve grown sprouts for a long time doing it many different ways and in many different climates. So I am still learning the do’s and don’ts of growing in the RV.

My favorite to grow is the Sunflower, because of the benefits it imparts to those who eat it. So I want to share some secrets for growing this wonderful “GOOD FOR YOU” sprout or microgreen. It depends on how you grow it, but whatever way you choose the benefits are there.

I will concentrate on growing them while living fulltime in an RV.

I love to grow my own food, walk to the garden to plan a meal. Well, that’s hard to do while living full-time in an RV, and there are limitations on how much you can store in the fridge. So I took the challenge to grow fresh food in my limited space.

I knew I had to figure it out because nutrition is so important to our health.

Things Needed

  • Large plastic pitcher w/slotted cover OR Recycled plastic 2 pt container
  • Depending on the size of your refrigerator choose which size you can count on fitting
  • If you use the 2 pt. container, then you will not need the additional 1 pt. container. Use an extra cotton bag under the sprout bag.
  • Recycled plastic 1 pt container
  • Cotton muslin bag (6″ x 10″ approx.)
  • 1/2 cup – 1 cup Sunflower seeds in the shell

Other seeds will work; Lentil, Alfalfa, Clover, Mung bean, to name a few.

My Recipe

Day 1
Put the seeds in a cotton bag and soak for 4 hours totally submerged in water. After 4 hours take your seeds out of the water, but don’t throw that water away.

Use it to fertilize your plants.

Drain the seeds and place the bags in the pitcher on top of the inverted container, then place the cover on so it can breathe. Now put the pitcher in a cool place usually on the floor so it stays cool. Keep it out of hot areas.

Day 2
The next morning rinse again. Turns out they like a cold bath. Put back in the pitcher. You should see them peaking out of their shells, but every area is different so be patient.

Day 3
Check your seeds. Is the bag dry? Are the seeds dry? Or wet and slippery?
If dry, rinse thoroughly with cold water, drain and put back in the pitcher. If wet, put back in the pitcher.

Day 4
My sprouts are ready to eat by day 4. Sprouting times vary.

It is a good idea to get a bag started every other day to keep you in fresh sprouts.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t over water, or they get slimy and stinky.
  • Too hot and their roots burn
  • If you soak for more then 4 hrs the seeds are forgiving
  • Don’t throw the soaking water away, it’s great fertilizer

Tricks of the Trade
Don’t rinse your sprouts then immediately try to eat them. The shells will be too slippery to remove. Instead, let them dry and when you eat them, grab one and squeeze the shell from the 2 sides forcing the shell to split.

From there either pull the sprout out or put your fingernail in and split apart.

Using only 1/2 cup at a time means that I am not messing or disturbing the seeds very much. They sprout quickly and there is just enough for the 2 of us and the remainder is gobbled up by my African Greys.

Find an area where you can grow. Dishwashers, showers, a dark cupboard, they all work. Even using the sink area will work if that’s all you have.

No matter the area you live or travel, sprouts will grow, but watch for the roots burning or turning brown.

Rinsing more than 1 time a day is not necessary. Too wet and the sprouts will rot and get stinky. Too dry and they will not grow long, juicy and sweet.

The best-tasting sprouts have no burned roots and they are more than 3″ long. Because after 3″ they get sweet and juicy. But it is not necessary to wait for 3″ sprouts, eat them as soon as you like.

The time it takes for the sprout to reach a certain size depends on the climate and how well you provide for its needs. So work with it!

Eating sunflower sprouts gives you a sunny disposition.

Put another way, They make you smile!’

They are high in antidepressants. So they not only provide fresh veggie goodness, but they provide ingredients to help you deal with the stresses of the world.

Happy Sprouting!

Grow a Garden while Fulltime RVing

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